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When those blue prints have been sitting on your kitchen table for so long, they start to look dusty and become more of a dream. At Centricity CU, we want to help turn those dreams into a reality! The reality can be your dream home built by you, for you and your family.


Interested in building a new home? Contact one of our dedicated and knowledgeable home loan specialists today! We can help you get started in your search for a piece of land to build on or guide you in applying for the construction loan if you already have the land.

Linda and Feather

Linda Proctor & Feather Tankersley

Contact Information:

Linda Proctor, NMLS #343288

Office Phone: 218-740-2275


Feather Tankersley, NMLS #1016179

Office Phone: 218-740-2271


Construction Loans

NMLS # 343288

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